Wednesday, 2 July 2008

virtual Jenny and foul play at work

Our first acevo Director's Group by Internet today. As we now have an acevo north Director based in Leeds we have organised an Internet link and Jenny joins us by computer screen . Works reasonably well . We thought about a special chair with red tasselled cushion on which we place the virtual Jenny ! It worked well for most of the meeting and then Jenny disappeared . Oh well, teething problems . But it makes sense and saves time and carbon footprint.

Lunch with Sam Coates , the Times Political Correspondent . He was just back from Glastonbury . He is young as you therefore gather . We were talking about the rising power of the third sector . He said that was obvious from Glastonbury with the stands and meetings of third sector organisations . Everyone very signed up to action on climate change etc but complete disinterest and distrust of the political process and distrust in politicians . This may not be altogether good but the reality is that there are now millions more people active in third sector bodies than involved in political parties or , often . voting . The 21st century is increasingly the century of the third sector . Whether the sector completely understands its power is sometimes a matter of doubt when you read the sector press and it's tedious obsession with internal navel gazing . Stuck in a narrow sector ghetto when there is a wide world to conquer .Brilliant example of this in today's "Third Sector" magazine which headlines on more charity commission investigations being published (wow, hold the front page ! ) and largely ignores the major implications of the recent Darzi Review which heralds a vastly increased role for the sector and a big expansion of service delivery . Good job I'd already alerted my members to how big this is.

I have such a fun lunch with Sam ; a mixture of gossip , reminiscence ( that was me reliving past triumphs )and political debate , that I overstay and am late for a planning meeting with my Chair and leading members to plan a day we are having with the senior civil service .

And then it is home . 3rd night in this week . Shock , horror .In time for the Archers and Corrie. But before I leave my Deputy Dr Kyle announces he is off to a Gallery Opening and then onto dinner at the Wolseley . And he having spent Monday evening at a dinner with the former American Ambassador and a top aide to George W. Bush .Shurly shome mistake ? I suspect foul play . Has he been lurking around my office intercepting the mail and stealing my best invitations ? I must call in MI5.

But the day is great . My nephew Alexander ,star of University Challenge and poet has got a First .I knew he would ! Brilliant Alex. Now for his application to All Souls. I can see the first Bubb Vice Chancellor .Or Master of Balliol. And my niece Miranda continues to revolutionise the store cupboard . Coming across past tracts by her Uncle . Scheduled for the tip to make room . Ah well ;

" But at my back I always hear ,
Time's winged chariot hurrying near "

( Andrew Marvell )

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