Monday 19 March 2012

Budgets and weekends.

So the budget debate is in full swing. What is interesting is how little attention is being given to tackling rising unemployment- especially youth unemployment and the growing divides in our society: north and south and rich and poor. Many ACEVO members are reporting how much more difficult their work has become in meeting the growing needs of their beneficiaries. Many much needed services have had to be cut back; services for the disabled and mentally ill, youth or old age. And these are communities particularly hit by rising living costs and welfare changes.

Is Mr Osborne a one nation Tory? We shall see.

A pleasant weekend. St Patrick's Day and Mothering Sunday. When I was younger (some time back now regrettably) my Irish grandmother would get shamrock sent over from Union Hall and I would proudly wear it. More difficult to find now, though I tracked some down in the lovely florists at Herne Hill! And a pleasant Sunday in Orsett with my mother and various siblings, niece and nephew. The Hound enjoyed the run of the fields and I enjoyed mothers cooking!

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