Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Youth , Polio and HM !

Part of the CHOGM extravaganza is the Youth Forum; and who should be running this but our very own John Loughton. John has been involved with our ACEVO young CEOs and leaders special interest group. He is now a Director at Relate- ACEVO member Clare Tyler is the CEO. Here he is resplendent in his tartan!

One of the expected announcements from this CHOGM is an initiative to finally eradicate polio. And so on Friday evening there is an" end of Polio " fundraising concert with various bands etc who may well be well known but how would I know! I shall be there - looking for the Bootleg Beetles!

I met the guy who has been organising this; Michael Sheldrick , who is the campaign manager for the Global Poverty project. A dedicated and dynamic young person, involved in the Youth Forum and using his skill and talent to good cause.

Bumped into one of my members who quipped this may well go down as the " content free" commonwealth!

Reflecting further on the behaviour of the Conservative government in WA in increasing support for the sector by 25% it contrasts with the behaviour of our own UK DWP. DWP want to limit the amount of time you can draw the new ESA to one year , even in spite of the compelling evidence that cancer sufferers, for example , often need support for longer.

The heroic CEO Richard Hawkes of SCOPE has been tireless in highlighting the in equities in the new system and how these will impact adversely on many disabled people. Good luck to him and all his colleagues.

Meanwhile The Queen continues her tour to great acclaim and massive crowds: she is going down a bomb here and the poor Oz republicans are well and truly stuffed. Hers a photo from the front window of a Perth bookstore advertising a new book , " Our Queen".

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