Monday, 31 October 2011

Home ...with hassle

Well there I was. Checked in. Sitting in airport watching as HM boarded her plane and left. Mildly watching TV screens and thinking must be sod all happening if they doing an inteview with Quantas CEO. Then I notice " News Alert". All Quantas fleet grounded. But surely not planes already being loaded me thinks.

Anyway , nearly 3 days later I arrive in a cold Heathrow at 5am and 2 night time flights. By now your heart is bleeding I'm sure!

Still I had an unexpected day in Singapore. Lunch at that fantastic Raffles Hotel and the Sung Evensong at St Andrew's Cathedral.

The last night in Perth was most agreeable. A wash up and party at the Cottesloe Surf Club. Watching the sunset. Seeing the Southern Cross emerge. But not many surfers owing to the fact one was eaten a couple of weeks back by a shark.

Get back to the great announcements about the SCOPE £20m bond. Brilliant. What leadership by Richard Hawkes. Glad to have him as one of my members. This is exactly the kind of dynamic leadership this sector needs in difficult times. New sources of loan finance and investment opportunities will be essential as the cuts bite deeper. An example of a sector body that is both aggressive in fighting for its beneficiaries and innovative in finding new ways to support them when government is getting increasingly dismissive of the plight of the diabled.

Just how important this is was demonstrated by the report from ncvo on the aftermath of the riots. The next year is gearing up to be even more difficult for our sector. It is going to test our relations with Government.

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Dan Filson said...

Meanwhile, back in the funny farm of the UK, there is a serious threat of a dramatic slash to the funds available for the London Borough Grants Scheme which funds Third Sector bodies whose remit runs across many (if not all) London boroughs, and which sometimes double as the HQs of national bodies. This comes at a bad time for fundraising and could cause untold damage as not all Third sector bodies do work that can be charged out. I've lived through previous cuts to LBGS budgets, and probably voted for some in real terms in the past when a councillor, but cuts on the scale now talked of look fatal to a wide range of bodies that are dependent on grant aid for their core funding. Worrying!