Thursday, 20 October 2011


An unlikely scene I know: me and 70 kids at school! It was Year 6+7 of the Halls head Primary School and I was talking to them about CHOGM, the Royal Family and knights!

A bright bunch. I rather enjoyed myself and they were a lot more lively and enquiring than some of the voluntary sector gatherings I have been to in England! They asked me what was my favourite charity and I told them, but at risk of offending my 1999 members who I didn't mention I better not say. Just a hint; a previous ACEVO Vice Chair is its CEO !

It was a very interactive session which may surprise those who have sat listening to various of my Lectures. Perhaps the example of my sister Sara is rubbing off. She has written 14 books on teacher training and induction; all very interesting I'm sure...

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