Monday 11 January 2016

A stitch in time

Benjamin Franklin said, "Wine is constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy”.  

Not sure Dame Sally Davis would quite agree after listening to her on the Today programme on Friday talking about new NHS guidelines on drinking. I've no intention of giving up on of the great joys in life , drinking good wine, but it is absolutely right that the NHS gives us this advice. And I have to admit I was reflecting on this as I walked the Hound over to the Plough at Finstock over the weekend. I eschewed the usual pint as it happens! 

There has been a lot of silly commentary about the "nanny state" and  Farage was his usual bone headed self. The point is that this is about giving us the information we need to make choices about our life style. It's not that we are being forbidden to drink. Just that we should know better the consequences. Just as we should know the consequences of smoking or a lack of exercise or overdosing on sugar rich food. 

There is a mounting problem with obesity leading to a sharp rise in diabetes. It is estimated that diabetes costs the health service 10 billion a year. And yet our Chancellor recently cut the public health spending budget. Far better to spend money on prevention than cure! As our recent commission on remaking the state recommended, we should spend 5% of our public services budgets on prevention. It has to make sense. 

And finally, sad news this morning about the death of David Bowie. Born in Brixton, it was good to see local tributes being paid this morning as I made my way to ACEVO towers. 

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