Tuesday 30 June 2015

The Bubbs en famille

Assiduous readers of the Blog will realise it's that time of year again, when the Bubb's decamp en mass to Hope Cove in Devon.  I'm here for a long weekend with my siblings, parents and assorted nephews and nieces.  Hope Cove is a gorgeous spot, an idyllic fishing village surrounded by the rolling lush hills of the Devon countryside.  The cliffs are particular spectacular and what's more, they are third sector cliffs.  Owned by the National Trust, which is one of our most treasured environmental charities.

Today a visit to Dartington Hall, another great charity and of course the home once of that famous progressive school.  Now a centre for a range of activities, showcasing local crafts and artist, not to mention Dartington glass as well as a centre for social entrepreneurs.  However, I was not able to actually visit the Hall and famous gardens because of their ridiculous rule that bans dogs, even on a lead. Such a shame they exclude so many animal lovers from these delights!

And although the mobile is all a bit dodgy, the wifi makes emailing and blogging simple!  Never time off for a CEO.

The Hound and her cousin Bertie at the cottage in Hope Cove. 

The Hound goes to Church; discovers they do biscuits!

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