Thursday 2 April 2015

Future directions....

So, it may be future directions for the country in May but it was "Future Directions" for me in Oldham yesterday.  I was there to help launch a brand new social enterprise, a spin out from the NHS, and providing community care and support for people with learning disabilities. It's certainly the future for people with learning disabilities and their families.  And I was delighted to be there to support ACEVO member Paula Braynion who from one minute past midnight became the latest third sector CEO.  Indeed she joins the CEO of English Heritage who has gone from being a quangocrat to a proper fully fledged third sector CEO. English Heritage has also spun out of the public sector to become a charity yesterday.  It's the future direction for the public sector!! Though whether there will be any money around to support them is a moot point as we look to spending plans that envisage large cuts whatever party you support (that's assuming the Greens and SNP don't form a new coalition government!)

Paula had put together a great line up to demonstrate the way they want to work with families and people with learning disabilities.  So we heard directly from them about their experiences of  institutional care and how they thrive in the community, supported by a great new organisation that is people centered at the heart of its values. What I particularly like is that this is a Community Interest Company and the aim is to have the shares vested in the people they support.

Future Directions CIC CEO, Paula Braynion
In my speech I talked about the conclusions of my Winterbourne Report but in particular my top 6 tips for success, beginning with inspirational leadership - and Paula is providing that.  A great mix of charm and determination backed by a clear vision of where she wants to take the organisation.

The others were about:
- Creating changed cultures- not NHS but third sector (innovative, flexible, adaptable, professional but passionate)

- Taking risks for future growth; not hidebound by orders from above

- Grabbing opportunities in the new style NHS where community gets more resources

- Putting people first, not the organisation

Always good to get out of the office to see what members are up to! Against a gloomy background of attacks on our core as charities and potential doom in funding it's a fillip to come and see what a difference we can make.

So let me wish you all a Happy Easter. I'm off to Charlbury for Maundy Thursday Mass and then back down to Wigmore in Kent, where I was born. It's the 50th anniversary of the dedication of the new Parish Church which I remember vividly as it was also the occasion of my Confirmation and First Communion. I was 12 at the time and mother had made me a new suit. I looked very smart and lovely. As you would expect.....

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