Thursday, 26 March 2015

Muslims and community cohesion

Last night I went to the Muslim News Awards in Grosvenor Square; a grand occasion that brings together many of the leaders of our country's Muslim community.  A time of celebration but also of reflection as many in that community feel they must battle prejudice and intolerance.  Many good ACEVO members there and ACEVO has been proud to show solidarity with them as they battle to provide the services and community leadership we all need.

I have recently returned from Pakistan with members of the Muslim Charity Forum, where I have seen for myself the work they do and discussed the challenges they face.  Later this afternoon I will join colleagues in a Press Conference at The Initiatives Change Centre to discuss our findings and an initiative ACEVO has taken.  More to follow tomorrow morning!

There was an interesting echo of what I will be arguing in the Sermon of the Bishop of Leicester at the reburial of Richard 111 (a cousin many times removed) this morning.  He talked of the "we" society not the "me" society and the importance of avoiding tribalism.  Leicester is a strong and multi-cultural city where Muslims, Hindus and Christians live and work together, supportong the many vibrant charities in that city. That is why working to build community leadership is so important and why ACEVO will continue to work with the leaders of the Muslim Charity Forum. 

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