Tuesday 23 December 2014

Merry Christmas

In 1941, Walt Disney wrote “One reason the Christmas season appeals to me is that it makes us suspend business-as-usual routines and lets our mind soar for a while.  It is a time when the imagination is more sprightly than at other periods of the year; Christmas seems to release even the most solemn of us from the Scrooge realism that occasionally besets all of us”. 

I know from some of my CEO colleagues that the scrooge mentality is already stalking the Council corridors in some parts, with big cuts to third sector funding on the way and more challenges to philanthropy and giving. But there are always opportunities.  That is why I have always been such a passionate advocate of more third sector service delivery.

How stupid it is that the NHS are not looking for a major push by the voluntary sector to help out with demand on A+E. We all know older people stay in hospital too long and we know many A+E visits are preventable with intervention at home. We know many older people get admitted to hospital not because of a medical condition but because of social conditions or simply lack of transport to get them home. The third sector should be mobilised to support the NHS. But as usual the system seems incapable of thinking more broadly about how to use us to solve problems. Still, one day they will get it! In the meantime I continue to bang the drum, and key ACEVO members make the case through their everyday work with older people at home and in the community.

2015 will be soon upon us. In the meantime its good to relax and enjoy the peace and goodwill of Christmas. I'm blogging from a peaceful Charlbury where the hound is currently snoozing in front of the log fire.

Have a very Merry Christmas. 

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