Tuesday 14 February 2012


I'm not a morning person. Like my Hound I like a lie in , usually with the Today programme to keep me company! So it was a stretch to make the launch of " Give More" this morning at 8.30 ( and no breakfast- it's not Lent yet is it? ).

This is a brilliant new 12 month initiative to get people to make public commitments to give more time , money and energy in 2012. And to get everyone to talk more about giving.

And as we met a slogan was unveiled on the top of the Post Office Tower just up the way which says , " GIVE MORE".

I was hoping to see Bob Diamond there. If only one of our top bankers made a public statement that they were donating a good chunk of their bonus top support those Communities who are bearing the brunt of our recession. Perhaps the British Bankers Association might like to publicise the campaign? Get their members to talk about their giving.

See their website: http://www.givemore.org.uk/

And I shall be doing that myself!

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