Friday 5 August 2011

Sign the E Petition

The families of 100,000 disabled children stand to lose thousands of pounds a year under the DWP plans on benefit reform.

Support is to be cut by almost a half, up to £27 a week for families with a disabled child which means by the time the child has reached 16 they have lost £22,000.

This has to be stopped. So we must all support the campaign by25 charities to force a Commons debate on the cut. Acevo member Bob Reitemeir , CEO of one of the country's best known charities, The Children's Society has said that this cut will push many families into poverty.

Let's remember this cut takes place against a background of local council cuts to charities providing support to the disabled, rises in living costs and wage freezes.

So the Petition says;

"Don't let disabled children pay the price for welfare reform. Because the support is means tested the poorest families stand to lose the most".

Let's all sign this. Force a proper debate. DWP are not listening to the voices of the children's charities.

Its time they did. These are the organisations that know what is happening on the ground.

Go to to sign.

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