Saturday 27 February 2010

Off to Brighton

"Ah,one of the great Bubb Oxford tribe" exclaimed the Dean when I arrived at the Deanery on Friday evening. The interviews had finished early so I was able to meet up with my wonderful nephew Alexander, who is reading for his doctorate in Indian history and get to Evensong in the college Chapel ( which aslo serves as Oxford's Cathedral!).The choir of Christ Church is one of the world's finest and they did not disappoint. The Lenten collect spoke of the need for us to " subjugate earthly desires to things spiritual" which was a nice prelude to the Dean's champagne.

A magnificent dinner in the Tudor Dining Hall built by Cardinal Wolsley and scene of many a romp in the Harry Potter films. High Table has the services of a fine Chef so the food was agreeable- as indeed was the wine. Grace was sung. In latin naturally. Dessert is served separately in the Georgian Common Room where the Port, Madiera and sweet Loire wine are circulated in the traditional fashion. What a happy night that was.

I get a note from the Great third sector headhunter, David Fielding. He was hosting one of ACEVO's special interest groups. This one was the group for Black and Asian CEOs led by Simon Hepburn. One of my ACEVO trustees. A very successful afternoon session with some 50 there listening to the CEO of Christain Aid talking about leadership challenges. Back at the ranch our health members were getting together.

These informal groups of members that meet across sector specfic areas are a really useful way for members to meet and to network. We have some 13 of them and they play a good role in promoting leadership exchange and development for members.

And now I'm on the way to Brighton for the Tories spring conference. Read the Blog tomorrow!!

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