Thursday 9 July 2009

Progressive austerity and "Communications Power "

A fascinating DEMOS event saw the renowned Prof Castells talking about his new book " Communications Power". It's a detailed expose of how Governments use communications to control attitudes and perceptions and the growing counter power of people communication through medium like twitter or mobile phone images.

He made a rather striking point to illustrate how Governments can manipulate minds. In the States , three years after the conflict in Iraq, 60% of people believe WMD were found and that Iraq was linked to Al Qaeda and the 11-9 attack.

I had a word with Richard Reeves, the magnificent DEMOS Director (on the eve of him turning 40 I might add). We were talking about cuts and my Guardian article and opportunities it throws up. He said he had written in similar lines in the FT. "Progressive Austerity". I tracked the article down and its worth reading. Click here to read it.

We know how important good communications are. One of the areas of work for ACEVO and the Impact Coalition must be how we influence public perception of the third sector. We know its economic and social power. The public still tend to think of us as small scale, doing good at the margins and amateur and voluntary. As we take on the work on the Coalition we have been thinking about how we embark on changing perceptions. It's a key task as we continue to make our case or a roll out of public services and the progressive austerity idea.

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Anonymous said...

The government are supporting you right now, they are brainwashing the public to believe people on benefits are fraudsters, and all either on the fiddle or lying and capable of work.

Bet you love it, more slave labour once those welfare reforms you love so much come into place.

History will look back at people like you, just like they look back at other people who were behind terrible scenarios.

Nice legacy your building, one of shame for your grandchildren if you have any.