Thursday 1 January 2009

Happy New year ; it WILL be good!

It is said that the Chinese pictogram for "crisis" contains 2 characters ; danger and opportunity . So its my theme for the New year of 2009. There will be challenges for us all . But having just got back from Christmas in Zanzibar I am in a buoyant mood , fired up for the task of leading acevo and in giving an effective collective voice to the Chief executives of the sector.

Its also been a challenge coming from the hot sun of Africa to the slightly chiller clime of Devon . I'm down in Hope Cove where my brother Nicholas has a cottage. Its very beautiful ; just below the cliffs so ably looked after by the great National Trust ( run admirably by acevo member Fiona Reynolds ). My parents and younger sister Lucy are also here and the champagne has been flowing;even Sparkles had a lick!There were fireworks from the cliffs at Midnight . A special time.

So to all of you who plow through the blogger ramblings , have a good 2009. Best wishes.

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