Wednesday, 30 April 2008

bloggjng and debunking journos

bosses who blog.....there is a great piece by Patrick Butler in today's Society tackling this issue. It was flattering to see me described as an enthusiastic blogger.And also amusing to see that there are some sector chief executives who consider the obligations of confidentiality and impartiality do not allow them to blog. .On that basis you'd never write an email. Come on guys , get real and lets see you blogging.And as for the comment that some charity managers worry that blogging is too egotistical need to get out more. " it privileges the voice of the chief executive at the expense of the organisation's collective voice, " so they argue. Just wait till they become CEOs and they will soon change their tune.And this prissy comment merely illustrates a failure to understand how the leadership role of a CEO must be used. We are running charities to make a noise, get attention ,drive change and influence; you use every trick in the book . And that includes exploiting the value of a CEO and their ego. We are not running a get a grip you " charity managers " ( or alternatively pursue a career as a missionary or a monk)
And I open up my copy of the in house magazine " Third Sector " to see a profile of me which also talks about my blog ; where John Plummer the journalist suggests it " shamelessly name drops, chastises and amuses " Well I certainly hope so...
And talking of monasteries I see that Nick Seddon , the journalist who I chastised recently has been at it again.
He apparently thinks that all the bosses of the top charities form a champagne quaffing elite whose views are only of "incidental interest " or even " objects of scorn" .So Martin Narey and Clare Tickell , whose views dramatically influence governments on child care , Jo Williams and Bryan Dutton , who have played a major role in shaping the disabiltiy agenda , Mary Marsh and Elizabeth Hoodless , Tom Flood and Kate Allen ,Bob Reitemeir and Bridget Warr , John Low and Joyce Mosley...the heroes of our sector to name but a few; are dismissed out of hand by Mr Seddon because they run large charities.Well if I was one of the many thousands who have been clients or supporters of those charities Id say your pretty insulting.. Thank God for these people and these wonderful charities.

This knee jerk ,lets have a go at large charities makes my blood boil .
I'm having lunch with Mr Seddon soon . But he gets no champagne and while I eat the turbot he will have toast ( burnt )

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