Thursday 23 February 2012


Another of our Silver Jubilee events; this time in Leeds. We meet at the Foundation run by ACEVO member Steve Woodford. It's part of a wonderful church complex that used to comprise Church, school and gymnasium ( mind and body catered for! ). All Souls is a splendid high Victorian church built by Gilbert Scott; in fact his last building before he died. Rather appropriately I was lunching with Paul Emery of Zurich yesterday at another Gilbert Scott triumph; St Pancras Station ( my last wine accompanied meal before Lenten purdah so it was Puligny Montrachet ).

And another amusing tie up was that Aidan who is the Leeds student union manager was there. I was at the 90th birthday party for NUS at the Commons yesterday. We have a range of student union managers as ACEVO members. He was talking about the potential of his membership; for example in a developing role in health- prevention and support etc.

After that I popped on my Chair of Social Investment business hat and went to Headinley to see the Headinley Enterprise and Arts centre, or " Heart" as it is charmingly known. SIB has given them a loan of 300k to develop this former primary school into a local hub of activity for the community.

And the already busy day was topped off by dinner ( no wine) at the Atheneum with the Vice Chancellor of Sheffield University to talk about development support for leaders. We had some rather interesting ideas we will develop further!

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