Friday 16 December 2011

Team ACEVO...

Well, it was a jolly affair! Our staff lunch was preceded by a Quiz on our membership and our sector and , because Seb Elsworth was organising it , geography !

The photos say it all ( whatever that is.... )

We had a "secret santa" present giving. My present was a book " Improve your self-esteem ". Much needed obviously. I will study the chapter on " Increase your self esteem through assertiveness" carefully.

But the jollity for me had to be kept short as I had a meeting of the Public Chairs Forum where we were listening to Sir Gus O'Donnell and Francis Maude MP on the challenges for the future year. I might have needed an extra drink as we contemplated that, but I was being abstemious !

From there it was off to the Commons for my Lambeth constituency MP's ( Chukka Umunna ) annual Christmas party. All very Christmassy...

Here he is looking very suave.

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