Sunday, 18 December 2011

No FT , no comment

Well, an early morning start on Saturday ; off to " News and Things" our local newsagents in Charlbury. to secure a copy of the FT. Page 2 glories in a rather splendid photo of me in Bloomsbury Square leaning against a tree. It's a profile headed " Stephen Bubb, standard bearer for charities and still an iconoclast" , rather flattering , he says immodestly. My brother emails me to point out that in the picture , the tree is leaning right ! A good interview with Sarah Neville , the Public Policy Editor though rather too much use of the vernacular for Mother's taste.

I don't know about weather forecasts; it all sounded very gloomy on the news but up here in West Oxfordshire it was a glorious winter day, sharp cold and brilliant sun. The hound and I headed off to our favourite pub , the Plough in Finstock. This trek involves crossing the Cornbury estate where once Queen Elizabeth I hunted stag among the oaks of the Wychwood Forest. A lovely meal and 2 pints and I fell asleep in front of the fire! And this morning the hard frost across the fields looked beautiful as I made my way to early morning Mass in the Parish Church. And because it's another fantastic day I'm off to the pub for Sunday roast. The Hound is fond of beef.

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