Thursday, 14 July 2011

Knightly Vows

Well, it was full gear today as I made my way to St Paul's Cathedral to take my Vows as a Knight. You will be pleased to know that I have "promised and vowed that I will maintain and defend my duty to God and my neighbour". But in a way that is exactly what ACEVO exists to do as a charity promoting the leadership role of CEOs.

It was a stunning ceremony; complete with State Trumpeters and many people in robes and medals. As you can see The Bishop of London was at his splendid best.

A lunch reception afterwards at the Apothecary's Hall. I was there with my parents and my niece Miranda who, as you can see, is a dead ringer for Kate!

Back to the office later and the staff bemused to see their CEO in full morning dress!

Last night saw the launch of "ACEVO Solutions" our new social enterprise. A rather splendid party at the Grange Hotel near St Pauls. 400 guests. A band. Ice cream trolley. Videos. And mercifully, no speech by me! Oliver Rothschild and Tom Flood, who are leading ACEVO Solutions, were on marvellous form guiding the events of the evening. I was abstemious as I wanted to be in a fit state for my Vow taking!

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