Friday 20 May 2011

The work continues....

The streets were bussling, the pavement cafes loud with the chatter of the evening crowds and the restaurants full to overflowing as Belgrade goes about its business of enjoying itself.

But a sad figure sits in his hotel room , pouring over drafts and suggestions pouring in from London, working on the health report.

I doubt you feel sympathy!

Today I should be in London for a meeting in No 10 to meet with the PM to discuss an update on our findings. But I've been signed up to be a keynote speaker at a major gathering of the third sector clan of Serbia and I wanted to keep my commitment. And why have a Panel of eminent persons to support you if you can't delegate. So I have. Paul Farmer of MIND is one of the giants of our sector and he will do me proud!

Now I'm at that major gathering . I make a keynote speech on the importance of civil society in building strong democracy. I link the role of the sector in delivering services like health and education and campaigning and advocacy. In Serbia there is a small but growing role for civil society organisations in delivering services - I spoke to the local government Minister about just this. But there is still a crucial role in trying to build a more stable democracy. Much of civil society here has its origins in citizens bonding together to fight dictatorship and as anti war campaigners. A noble history.

Euclid is going to work with the leaders of CSOs to help develop leadership. We are also involved in an exciting social finance initiative to develop loans to help build a more sustainable sector.

Filippo Addarii, Executive Director, Euclid Network

Biljana Dakic, my work shadow on right

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