Tuesday 20 October 2009

The Power of Social Investment

Monday evening saw me with a bunch of balloons at Tower Hill ...... the launch of 3SC! This is a new and exciting venture, supported by the Social investment Business. It's a consortium of third sector bodies - set up with the aim of competing big scale to win public sector contracts. 3SC has already won a Future Jobs Fund contract and aims to go for others. We need to be able to compete with the big private sector firms like Serco and Capita. To do this we need scale - and the Social Investment Business has been able to capitalise this development. It brings together a wide range of small and large service providers, community organisations and social enterprises who will be able to deliver jobs to unemployed youth under the £1bl DWP jobs scheme. But the aim is to tender for other DWP and MoJ contracts.

I have a feeling that last night's event may be one of those where the sector has been able to take a big step forward. And our launch event was in a splendid social enterprise "Beyond Boyle" based at All Hallows. It's one of the leading social enterprise hospitality business. I liked their manifesto:

" We believe good food can transform the way people interact, work, socialise and have fun together. It can be the glue that mends, maintains or enhances a conversation and nourishes a relationship. "

It's a philosophy we rather believe in at ACEVO. We nourish the body and the mind!

The food at the launch was indeed rather good, so forgive the advert: "beyond chocolate" goes on sale in Waitrose from November 2nd! Good to enjoy chocolate and make a difference I think!

So like the balloons taking off over the Tower of London our hopes are soaring. Our sector can deliver cost effective and targeted services, contribute to a healthier economy and give voice to the aspirations of the millions of our beneficiaries and communities!

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