Thursday 10 June 2010

Gift Aid; time for change.

The Annual Report of the Fundraising Standards Board has been published. An interesting document! We read that direct mail generates the highest number of complaints on charities, but this only represented 0.003% of the reported volume.

Just shows how complaints about fundraising charities are blown completely out of proportion. But also illustrates how crucial fundraising is for our sector.

And this afternoon we have a meeting with Nick Hurd MP and Treasury Minister, Justine Greening MP, at HMT to discuss Gift Aid. After the lethargy on this shown by Labour I'm hoping for better from the Coalition.

ACEVO and its members have become deeply frustrated by the previous Government's evident lethargy on Gift Aid reform. We have been in "talks" for two years!

As cuts gather apace Gift Aid becomes ever more important in supporting the crucial work of charities. It's a key plank for us to help build a bigger society.

I had become so frustrated by inaction and bluster from the Treasury I had withdrawn from the so called "Gift Aid Forum". Forum had just become a posh word for merry-go-round. And life is too short to spend in listening to Treasury officials explaining for the 20th time why what we are saying it is all so so difficult and problematic.

I welcome the fact that the Coalition Government has called us together so quickly. An omen of change perhaps.

But I didn't jump off a red merry-go-round round to jump on a blue+yellow one. We need action. Not more chat.

I'm waiting for this afternoon's meeting in hope and expectation. Don't let me down Nick and Justine!

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