Thursday 6 August 2009

Preposterous BBC

The BBC is beginning to make a habit of being absurd. Their decision to ban the DEC appeal for Gaza was a disgrace. Now they simply make themselves look ridiculous by banning Alagiah from being a truste on the Fairtrade Foundation. On what possible grounds have they done this. Is sitting as a third sector trustee now seen as threatening impartiality altogether? Or is it just some charities? Will they be developing a list of "prescribed charities". So you can be a trustee of the Royal British Legion but not Shelter. WRVS is OK but not the RSPCA ?I look forward to seeing their list? Will it be published? Perhaps Kevin Curley will be submitting an FoI request to find out, when he has finished attacking two of my acevo members that is.

I liked the Mirror's comment on this:

"Alagiah's resignation comes after BBC1 controller Jay Hunt was given the all-clear to carry on helping her husband run a media training firm which is paid to coach corporation staff."

Ex-BBC newsman Peter Sissons said making Alagiah quit the Fairtrade Foundation showed double standards. He added: "There seems to be one law for management and another for presenters."

Quite. So we must now assume a purge of the BBC staff's involvement in charity will now commence?

And what they fail to realise is that by discriminating against an organisation like Fairtrade they are showing they are not impartial. So only deeply establishment and non campaigning charities can now be favoured with BBC Trustees.

We have had Mark Thompson BBC DG (a good guy) at a number of ACEVO events. It's a shame I'm going to find it difficult to invite him to any more- on health and safety grounds as he might get lynched.

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