Wednesday 19 August 2009

Developing Leaders

So, we now have two members of staff with swine flu. I'm seriously washing my hands as I want to avoid getting it before my week off in Devon with the Bubb clan. It certainly seems to be gathering pace. I recount the tale to Stephen Cook, Editor of Third Sector over a most agreeable breakfast at Tom's Kitchen in Chelsea. He however was looking far too fit, having cycled from Stockwell. I omit to tell him of my new found hate for cyclists.

The core purpose of ACEVO is to develop leadership so whilst this may not get the press attention our policy work does it is still the core of our offering to members.

ACEVO, working with Capacitybuilders, have developed a number of bursary and leadership development opportunities to third sector CEOs and leaders .

We are piloting 100% bursaries and cross sector learning in three regions: North East, South West and London offering third sector leaders of support provider organisations the opportunity to attend the:

We are also offering opportunities to:
  • 30 third sector leaders from support provider organisations to access public or private sector mentors

  • 15 third sector leaders from support provider organisations to take part in cross sector Action Learning Sets
The deadline for applications is Monday 31 August. To attend the above courses free of charge, take part in cross sector learning, or to apply, please contact Erin McFeely at or call 0113 243 2333.

If any of this titilates you, contact a member of my Events Team on 0845 345 8497 or email

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Anonymous said...

The bursary scheme is a great idea. It is a shame that it is focused on umbrellas and not charities delivering frontline services. The need building and developing capability and capacity in leaders within these organisations, especially those of us who are small to medium sized, is great. This need is not always matched by the access to resource to support this necessary development.

Perhaps this could be the focus next time around.

Mark Santos
Positive East

Sir Stephen Bubb said...

Thanks Mark , I rather agree with you . But the way CB decided to orgsnise the capacity building programmes was through infrastructure bodies , as opposed to front line organisations . But acevo in its own programmes certainly does see that its direct leadrership support is a real contribution ot the front line , through empowered leaders .