Wednesday 31 July 2013

The Unions

Spent a very pleasant weekend at the Quorn Grange Hotel in Leicestershire. It's owned by the General Federation of Trades Unions who took it over in January from the Unite union. Doug Nicholls is a friend from many years back when I worked for the National Union of Teachers and he is now the General Secretary of GFTU. I met him at the recent Community conference and he invited me to stay and check it out. 

 They are keen it is used by the voluntary sector for training and events like away days. It's ideally suited for that and we are going to use it for the SIB away day in January. And we are going to negotiate a deal for acevo members; it's good to plough profits back into the sector rather into some private sector hotel chain!

So what is the General Federation of Trade Unions?
The GFTU is the federation for specialist unions. There are 21 affiliates with some 215,000 members. The GFTU provides a range of support and services for affiliates - including education, research, health & safety, IT & Comms, and project management. The work of the GFTU is carried out by the General Secretary, Doug Nicholls and the staff at GFTU HQ

So have a look. 

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