Tuesday 9 July 2013

The Bubbs in Devon

Yes, I know. I've only just got back from Jersey!  But it's the annual Bubb clan gathering in Hope Cove and I could hardly not go. Shamefully though I arrived Sunday and am now back on the train as I have to be back in London to Chair a board meeting for the Social Investment Business. Deserting the glorious sun for a hot and stuffy office. But I can hardly complain. It was a gorgeous couple of days as you can tell. And we were able to celebrate my nephew and niece's (the twins Oliver and Miranda!) recent news that they had both got firsts! That means my sister's 3 kids all gained Firsts. More than me and her managed...

So here are some shots from Hope Cove.

Me kayaking (yes I know but my niece did most of the rowing!).

And me and my Hound's Irish cousin Bantry

And the trek back form the Port Light pub at sunset.

But back with a vengeance. As well as an important Board this evening where we are debating a new partnership deal, tomorrow is the International Impact Investing Conference, a 2 day event that gathers together many of the social finance protagonists from around the world.  I'm speaking at the opening panel at NESTA. The second day is in the City of London. There are a range of good speakers. It's clear that the idea of social finance is taking off around the world and for that the UK can take credit!

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