Thursday, 4 July 2013

To composite or not to composite.

Up early yesterday; gagging to get into the Conference for the latest composite motion, the national executive statement or delegate denouncing the wicked Tories, but alas the union insisted on transporting its international and VIP guests to a Vineyard to see the wine making , with lunch thrown in!  Who am I to complain?

On the way up to La Mare we stopped at the Liberation Tapestry. This project was started to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the liberation of the islands from the occupying Nazis. Some splendid panels tell the islanders' stories- just two here. One shows the deportation of English born islanders to a concentration camp in Germany, the other arrival of relief packages organised by the wonderful Red Cross. 

The vineyard was, as all vineyards are in my experience, wonderful. A splendid lunch and visit to the shop- rude not to purchase. As you see here, with the vines they came from in the background. 

And en route we stopped off to see the Lighthouse.

The evening was at the beach house at St Brelalde. Jim Murphy MP (Labour’s defence spokesperson) was a guest, good to see his comments in the press today on the pernicious role that Unite is playing, as was Gareth Thomas MP, who is Nick Hurd's opposite in the Commons. Good to chat to both of them, and we viewed the sunset over our gorgeous seafood dinner!

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