Monday, 5 August 2013

Mentoring and enjoying August!

One of the most used ACEVO services is our mentor scheme, where we match mentees with mentors in the sector.  This peer to peer support is free and has proved really supportive to many CEOs. Again it has been a strong area of growth over the last year.

We put a call out to ACEVO members for more mentors recently and I have been impressed with the strong and positive response. It’s a very practical way to help wade through the problems and difficulties CEOs face.

Twitter has been much in the news of late. I'm told I have an account but I don't use it. Always seemed a drag to me. And I prefer blogging. And indeed my staff prefer me blogging too as they suggested I might be too dangerous let loose on the twitter sphere. Sure they are right. I don't want to become like Kevin Curley do I!

A rather splendid weekend. My nephew Oliver getting his degree in Oxford. A trip to the Opera at Glyndebourne (the Marriage of Figaro) and a gorgeous  night's stay in a lovely farm house (Hall Court Farm at Ripe near Charleston), and previously a rather fun BBQ at one of my other nephew's (Julian) flat in Borough.

Here is Oliver with his twin sister Miranda and my nephew Dr Alexander Bubb!

And here I am with my parents , brother Nick and sisters Sara and Lucy !

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