Thursday 5 April 2012


Command. Its the origin of the festival of Maundy Thursday; Christ's mandate to his disciples to "do this in memory of me".

And my command to my members is to enjoy the Easter break . It's hard to unwind if you are a CEO, but it's essential to do that every so often. I shall be helped by the fact that our servers are being cleaned, or whatever you do with such things, so I shall have no email and will be forced to give my blackberry a holiday.

Last nights dinner was rather delayed as I ended up talking on the BBC World Service news about the idea of loans for the third sector and Big Society Capital. The World Service is a national treasure. Its an important service which is hugely respected around the world. Knocks spots off CNN frankly! I always watch it when abroad. So I was delighted to do the interview. And it was in Bush House (Nations shall speak peace unto Nations!) which is another treasure! But an odd way to spend ones evening...

I shall be in London this Easter; regrettably not in gorgeous Charlbury but its the Boat Race on Saturday. My nephew is rowing. I must join the Bubbs on the banks of the Thames in cheering him on to victory. Here are the 2 boats practising.

And celebrating with the crews at the Hurlingham Club dinner in the evening; now that will be fun.

A Happy and blessed Easter to you all.

Sir Stephen Bubb

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