Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Hodgson, Cameron and health

Well, it was a sight that surprised a number of the luiminaries of the third sector: Stuart Etherington and I sprawled on a sofa in No 10, glasses of white rioja to hand! We were at a reception for the Big Society Forum; Cameron on good form. I had a chat afterwards about how we are getting progress on  reforms in health.

And lots of my members there in summer pre Olympic mode! 

Amusing to note that any idea the occupants of No 10+11 would have a great view of the beech volleyball defused as there are rather large covered stands erected that block out that view. And in any case I see that if the weather continues it will be jumpers not bikinis!

An interesting end to Monday which had begun by a rabble rousing speech to a gathering of health professionals on the importance of the third sector, choice and competition. Much appreciated by some in audience. Less by others.

And then onto the Hodgson Launch. I was very familiar with the contents as I had a private briefing from his Lordship and then spent Sunday evening swatting up for an appearance on the Today programme with Hodgson.

Unfortunately got a call at just before 11pm standing me down. They decided not that newsworthy so they only did brief couple of minutes from Hodgson talking about barnacle scrapping.

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