Tuesday 22 May 2012

Third Sector Wine

Yes, that's wine not whine! Well the Blogs have all been a bit gloomy of late! So a lighter touch today as I report on my wine tasting last night. But don't think this was a nasty capitalist thing in the City. Oh no; it was the Wine Society- which is third sector as it is a cooperative owned by its members ( of whom I am one) and has been running since 1874 !

So yes , we did have a selection of organic wines! In fact overall there were 50 to choose from and I need to report I did not taste all! From time to time I like to make helpful suggestions on what the Stressed CEO should do to relax so let me give you my wine tip.

Grenache Blanc, Domaine du Bosc 2011 , £5.95 a bottle. A beautiful wine from Languedoc. It is a Society exclusive so order if you are a member....

I was with my old friend and former Boss, Sir Rodney Brooke, who used to run what is now the Local Government Association and Head Hunter Honcho David Fielding. The later even knew the Chair of the Society who he had recruited to something or other! I was asked if there is a " Which guide to charities" by the Chair. An interesting question- I guess acevo membership is a strong indicator of a good charity n'est pas?

Anyway this week I am studying the papers and listening to the news with strange intent for on Friday I appear on the Panel for " Any Questions" on Radio 4. I admit I am somewhat nervous. Please don't ask a question on football I pray or I might be reduced to a pathetic , "who is Ferdinand? "

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