Tuesday 11 May 2010

Rainbow or Uncle Tom Cobley?

A rainbow coalition? I rather preferred Dianne Abbott's description on Sky News of an "Uncle Tom Cobley and all coalition"!

I would be worried for the sector at a coalition that includes Parties that have dinosaur views on public service reform. We cannot afford to row back from the outsourcing of services to the third sector. I think such a coalition would be prey for unions and other regressive elements to stop further reform to allow more delivery by the third sector. The drive to a more personal provision of services could be threatened. We would be prey to Departments adopting nonsense like Burnham's preferred provider policy.

We will have to be vigilant to stop any statist elements chancing their arm. And if this is the outcome of the talks with the Lib Dems then ACEVO will want assurances that the drive for public service reform and more third sector delivery will continue unabated!

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