Tuesday 6 May 2014

Learning Leadership.

Can you? A decade ago leadership courses were very popular; more so in the public and private sectors but we had our fair share in the third sector. They have significantly dropped off though. A combination of austerity cuts and the fact that increased demand for what we do cuts the time any leader has to take off time for courses.

We have seen that in ACEVO. However that does not mean our CEOs are not keen on developing their leadership. But this is done much more through one to one mentoring and smaller scale interventions.

Leadership learning is key to ACEVO's offer to members and we have just launched a series of master classes on issues that effect the CEO.

So we are looking at "Influencing with integrity", “Your life in balance", "Delivering difficult messages" , "building high performance teams" and so on.

See more here: http://www.acevo.org.uk/leadership-development/acevo-masterclasses.  If you are a member book up. 

And what a beautiful bank holiday weekend. With all these days off it will be difficult to get back to a 5 day week, but as the master class will tackle "your life in balance" all good CEOs need some time to chillax!
Though frankly a CEO doesn't really do 5 days in any case. The job is often all encompassing.

Chalbury was looking splendid. The wisteria is out, as you can see here:

And I enjoyed a bank holiday Sunday lunch at the Maytime Inn at Asthall. 

And finally, tomorrow is one year to the General election so ACEVO is holding our  "Social Leaders gathering" in London to quiz the parties on their plans for the sector.


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