Monday 10 March 2014

Public service reform? (and the PM in Charlbury)

Not only did I get a reply to my letter to the Prime Minister about public service reform last week, but I ended up chatting to him about it over the vegetables at the Charlbury Farmers' Market on Saturday. Always a big draw since it brings together a range of local producers and farmers. Mr Cameron is a regular customer, as am I.

My letter to Cameron drew attention to the need to push harder on securing a bigger role for the third sector in delivering citizen-focused services. I pointed out that many of the reforms have led to replacing public sector monopolies with private sector oligopolies. Future reform must be driven from below, by the exercise of citizens’ rights, rather than further top-down, Whitehall-led change. These rights do also, of course, need good government support, to make them strong enough to meaningfully push power down to citizens. There is much work to be done by all parties, ahead of the election, if they are to make this happen.

You can see his reply here.

The weekend turned out to be all rather splendid. And not just for the weather. My nephew Alexander was receiving his Doctorate in the glorious surroundings of the Sheldonian Theatre in Oxford.

Dr. Bubb can be seen here with his proud Uncle and my brother Nick.


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