Monday 29 April 2013

No Iain

An interesting suggestion from Iain Duncan Smith for rich oldies to hand their bus passes and fuel benefits back. I shall not be taking advantage of this suggestion. In fact it will be entirely ineffective. I take full advantage of Boris's freedom pass and have no intention of giving that up, especially when the Government are implementing appalling changes to the welfare system. If I thought my small contribution might alleviate the pain being inflicted on the disabled by his changes in the current system that might be a different matter. It won't.

His call would have had more effect if he had urged those oldies who can afford it, to give the benefits to charity. I absolutely agree those who reach older age and can afford it should give generously to charity.

In the longer term it does seem increasingly likely that Governments will need to look at the costs of the current universal benefits. Given the rate of demographic change it is simply not tenable to continue paying these benefits to those who do not need them and when the financial burden of continuing universal benefits will come at the expense of other parts of the welfare system.

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