Wednesday 13 October 2010

Leadership Tips

One of the best leadership manuals around the sector at the moment is ACEVO's quarterly "Network". I would say that wouldn't I but if you can get your hands on October's issue you will see what I mean.

There is a marvellous article on leadership styles by Victor Adebowale, the CEO of that great charity, Turning Point. He talks in a direct and compelling way about his own style in operation. It makes huge sense and I recommend any sector CEO reads this, as opposed to all those management texts by private sector folk.

He says "the most important aspect of strong leadership is to recognise that leadership is a philosophy and state of mind. Good leadership is about doing all you can to allow your organisation to develop and grow."

Later he argues his philosophy is simple "hire good people and let them get on with it!"

I strongly agree with this and I'm sure that has been a hallmark of ACEVO's success. Like Victor I doubt anyone would accuse us of being micro managers!

And he makes the rather key and interesting point that,

"In my view, my job isn't to run Turning Point but to provide the conditions in which it can be run."

This is a great article. Access it here.

Now I'm off to listen to a speech Eric Pickles MP under the alluring title of "Protecting Front Line Services" and where we are promised to hear about the "Ways in which Councils can protect front line services and manage the impact of next week's Spending Review."

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