Thursday 4 June 2009

Will Hutton and ACEVO

Will Hutton and the Work Foundation have produced a superb report for ACEVO on the role of the third sector in creating jobs. We asked Will - the country's top expert on jobs and leading economic commentator - to do this report for us in advance of the third sector summit next week.

Read it here.

One of the frustrations of being off work post op is that I missed the fun of the launch of this important report on Tuesday evening. My Deputy Dr Kyle does superbly in my place I hear from Seb Elsworth, my Director of Strategy, who has come round to the house with papers. I am lucky to have such a superb team to back me up when I am off.

One of the problems with the current political fall out is that the difficulties of the recession and the growing numbers of unemployed is not being reported effectively. So this important report will not get the attention it deserves. But the case for the third sector to play a bigger role in creating jobs and supporting the victims of recession must continue to be made. And ACEVO will ensure it is.

May has been a great month for ACEVO: 89 new members joining us. Remarkable growth. I suspect this is a reflection of the feeling out there that Chief Executives need the support of a professional body in difficult times. But also too that ACEVO is seen as leading the debate on the sector's future - with chief executives at the forefront in providing leadership for change.

Fascinating to read Beth Breeze's blog on the role of the third sector in the twelfth century. Click here to read it.

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