Friday 5 June 2009

Mergers and James

New Philanthropy Capital seem to be on fire! A great report calling for better governance and reform in how we get our charity trustees is now followed up by a timely report on mergers. Read it here.

NPC are saying we need to have more mergers in our sector amongst charities. They argue there are too few. The sector needs to consider mergers to be fit for the future and to weather tough economic times.

As they say "the most important question is not what works best for the charity - it's what works best for all the people charities intend to help"

It is fantastic to have an organisation like NPC making these arguments and being so forthright in their calls for greater professionalism in the third sector.

Of course it is not simply a matter of merger. There ought always to be a case for considering alliances and partnerships; either with other third sector bodies or with organisations in the public and private sector. Acevo is undertaking work on mergers. We are developing an updated guide for Chairs and CEOs. Often a merger comes down to whether the respective Chairs and CEOs support it. They are the crucial players and yet many merger discussions concentrate on legals and finance and forget the human element.

We have also asked Sue Stirling, former director of ippr North, to research mergers and other forms of partnerships. She has been working with a number of our members over the past few months, and will be holding workshops on mergers and collaboration soon.

Well, what a surprise about James Purnell. I admire his stand. It is always good to see a poltician who is prepared to put principle above his own personal career and give up his cabinet post to argue for change. I send him a message of support. DWP will miss his leadership. He has been a great Secretary of State.

We shall see today what transpires from the reshuffle. My bet is on Liam Byrne for Home Secretary! And will we be getting a new Third Sector Minister. I await news.

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