Tuesday 3 March 2009

The Third Sector at the Tipping Point.

I think I was on my nineth draft before I was satisfied. The final draft on Sunday was given a polish during BBC R4 Choral Evensong from St John's College, Cambridge. So the purple prose on fairness and social justice may be a result of that! Then Monday morning, after a final check, I pop up to "News and Things" our local Charlbury newsagents to fax it back to trusty Alison to type up for publication!

And today I gave my Lecture at Deloitte.

The Panel responding included Nick Hurd MP, the charming but brilliant Richard Reeves, of the think tank DEMOS, and Mary Riley, the multi talented star of Deloitte.

You can see the results of my endeavours for yourselves. Click here to read it. I am arguing that:

* policy makers and government underestimate the economic power of the sector.

* the sector is trusted. Business and governments are not.

* the sector should play a lead role in healing the wounds of the recession.

* the sector can play a lead role in promoting recovery (the growth sectors of the future are in education and health, care and sustainability, arts and sport). This is where the sector is strong.

* the sector can help prevent a repeat of the problem by campaigning for better business and better government.

See what you think. And tell me if you agree.


alex said...


A comment about accessibility, and perhaps sharing some expertise to make it easier to comment on the paper

At DIUS, Steph Gray has been working on a way to enable comments on documents. He blogged about it here


If a technical person at ACEVO talked with Steph, it might be possible to use the technology he developed as it is open source

Then Messrs Purnell and T. Watson ( at Cabinet Office ) might be pleased that we were all learning from one another to improve outcomes

Hope this is worth pursuing

Sir Stephen Bubb said...

I shall do this . thanks.

alex said...


Great to see you read the comments and I hope that something positive comes from it. Steph and his peers across government are a great team, and I feel there is a lot the two sectors could do together once they meet up and exchange knowledge and ideas.

You do a wonderful job of sitting at the high table ; the challange is to get us foot soldiers combining our efforts.

Please do blog about any developments so we can continue the conversation