Monday, 16 March 2009

on vegetarianism and capital ?

It was a good job I asked . My final meal in Slovenia before returning to the warm embrace of Our Blessed Isle : I asked what the House speciality was only to discover it was Horse meat . And the alternatives were not exactly appealing ; tender goatling and rabbit . Now don't get me wrong , I am not a vegetarian , but somehow eating a bunny rabbit or a goat just does not seem right . This is absurd , because I did order the cow , but beef sounds so much better?

And so good to have confirmation that I am getting older ; as I bought my ticket to the Slovenian Art gallery exhibition of Mark Chagall from the pleasant young man on the desk , he enquired " are you a senior"....fortunately with a quizzical look that implied perhaps I wasn't . Which I am not . Yet .

But now back into the swing of things , catching up on post ; a nice letter from the Prime Minister on the role of the sector in recession for example , and then a meeting of the Futurebuilders strategy group. We had a presentation on the scope for a social enterprise stock exchange . It was fascinating . They want FBE support and we will look at it further . It is yet another way we can expand access to capital for our sector. We actually sit on a major asset base in our sector ; some £210 billion if I remember right from the brilliant NCVO Almanack statistics ( a book well worth having on your shelves by the way ).

Think of how we could capitalise charity shops for example , if we had access to stock issues? So we will explore further . I do want to see Futurebuilders using its base and experience more widely , and working with others expert in this field ,to open up the capital markets . There is huge scope . Do we have the ambition to do it ?

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alex stobart said...

There are some large, potential investors north of the border.

Any interest in following up ?