Friday, 28 June 2013

Breakfast in the Park

The “Inn the Park" is a rather wonderful cafe/restaurant in St James' Park and a good place for to eat amidst the summer finery of this beautiful London spot. I was breakfasting yesterday with Chris Hopson, who is not only the CEO of the Foundation Trust Network but an ACEVO member. He had full English though I went healthy with poached eggs and spinach. Thought I must set an example....

The FTN and ACEVO are set to launch a joint report on hospitals and charities working in partnership to deliver the NHS Mandate. So, Monday, 4pm. House of Commons. Jeremy Hunt is speaking. Already nearly 200 booked but if you are an ACEVO member and not yet signed up I'll squeeze you in!

But Chris and I are hatching plans to move this report on; ideas about how we can do work with hospitals to maximise the use of charity and social enterprise, get CEOs from both sides together and use our organisational resource to help facilitate all that. You will be hearing more from us both.

I'm working on my speech. Only 5 minutes allowed. So the usual Bubb punchy tub thumping stuff I suspect. And I'm sure Chris will keep me to time. After all the main event is Jeremy Hunt who is, I have to say, doing a good job as Secretary of State by putting patients first as his priority. The fact the surgeons are putting out details of their performance is a big step forward and congratulations due to the Royal College of Surgeons for this!

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