Monday 20 May 2013

Nuptials and Rhododendrons

In London this weekend for the third sector wedding of the year; Sir Stuart and Lady Rosamund Etherington! A rather splendid Do at the Reform. The happy couple pictured here;

And the unaccustomed London weekend meant the Hound and I could go and see the rhododendrons in Brockwell Park. 

Friday saw me getting down to further work on my History of Charity. I went to the Lambeth Palace Library to search out what they have on charities and found myself ploughing through old sermons. All rather fascinating in fact. Much on the importance of alms-giving as a duty. But the most amusing discovery was a transcript of one William Ewart Gladstone MP, then Chancellor, addressing the Commons on the need to end the exemption of charities from taxation. This was 1863. But like George, our current day Chancellor he was roundly defeated in this dastardly attack.

My sister, Sara is advising me on the intricacies of getting a book published. She has 13 to her name and currently working on a second edition of one standard text. All about teacher training and induction, on which she is an expert. Someone needs to be. It all sounds a major flaff, though I have the bare bones of the book. Any publishers reading this Blog do get in touch. I can see the BBC series already...

Whit Sunday saw me at All Saints, Margaret Street. Whit Sunday was always a bank Holiday when I was a kid and a big day, but since they mucked around with the bank holidays its seen less attention. Shame. 

And now I'm off to the Bodleian Library in Oxford to search their catalogues.

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