Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Old times....

Well , I'm back on the train to good old London. Somewhat tired after a good night of "networking". The Midland hotel was jammed full with putative Ministers, hacks of all sorts, think tankers and advisors. Bit late leaving though but these days I have learnt to moderate the intake of noxious substances that impede one's mind. Still , I left my talented Director of Policy engaged in meaningful discussion with a bunch of labour councillors! That will be good for his soul.

The one advantage of these annual events is you get to see people you have not met in ages, so it was very excellent to bump into Stephen Benn. He is an exact contemporary of mine amd the eldest son of Tony Benn. When I lived in Notting Hill, I got to know the Benns well. I was a Governor on Holland Park Comprehensive when Caroline Benn , Tony's wife was Chair.

And here he is , with that other excellent character Brendan Barber, General Secretary of the TUC. Both rather larger than life....or am I shrinking?

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