Sunday 15 February 2009


Was it moving downmarket to go from Radio 4 to SKY News? I was offered the opportunity to do an interview on SKY on Saturday. It meant an early start and a taxi from Charlbury to the SKY Studios just near Heathrow. And obviously the Hound came with me. Now this was a poser. Would I appear with Hound; for that homely touch, she licking my ear as I reflect on the woes of the UK's charity sector. Perhaps not the image my members would expect. But the problem was solved by my Head Of Comms valiantly offering to come out to SKY and take Hound walkies. The other dilema was whether this was casual as it was a Saturday. They were very relaxed on this. I thought I would do suit but no tie. And then in the Green Room I chickened out and put the tie on. The right choice I think .

But it turned out to be a good chance to get the message across about the plight of charities facing falling income and rising demand. I was quizzed on the Governments Action Plan. Was it enough? They contrasted the £42m in the Plan to the £500m we think is needed. I make the point that this is just a start. More will clearly be needed. But I also make the point that it is not just for the Government. How about the bankers donating their bonuses I ask? I also make the point that this is a sector that has a turnover larger than the car industry and a workforce bigger than the banks and finance industry. I also get the chance to do a pre record which they then use every hour for the rest of the day. So it may be Saturday but an opportunity to put across important messages. If we are to attract politicians attention then they have to think that we can make waves and get attention. Media for our role is crucial. We will continue to plug away for chances to put our case .


Jon said...

Hullo, I'm Jon from your friendly neighbourhood bookshop...

I remember you came to at least one of the talks I've organised over time, and although such talks are often built round the publication of a book, they are also a way of introducing people to their neighbours and vice versa.

I read your blog occasionally (my son worked for Comic Relief and now for Barnardos) and wonder if there is a topic you would like to share with people here? Really I'm just offering you a platform for an hour if there is anything you would like to say to the motley crew who will turn up. Charlbury being Charlbury, it can be quite extraordinary who will come. But you may feel that your area of work is too specific for a wider audience: at the same time, the ramifications and implications of the activities and interests listed in your CV are fascinating.

I charge people a couple of quid each to cover the room hire, and give any excess to the speaker to do what s/he likes with.

Let me know if you'd be interested. No hurt feelings if you say no! 01608 819117 or call by!

Hound welcome of course...

Sir Stephen Bubb said...

Fantastic. Love to do this. ill pop by the bookshop , perhaps this weekend and we can organise.