Sunday 20 April 2008

reaching 80

Reaching 80....its a proud milestone and one my father reached on Saturday. So my borther and my 2 sisters held a party for him and my mother in the church hall in their village of Orsett in Essex. Lots of friends from Kent where I grew up as a kid in a village on the North Downs which has now been gobbled up in the urban sprawl of the Medway Towns but was a great place to roam when i was a kid. My father was a Headteacher , and you can still tell!
\one of his friends told me he had been at a meeting to hear Nye Bevan , back in ther 40s. Now that is a name to conjure with , though unknown to anyone outside the ranks of old labour these days .A mesmeric orator. The founder of the NHS. And a devoted drinker of Bollinger ( nothing is too good for the workers ) No wonder i rahter liked him.
And another of my father's friends , who is now 95 was saying how good Gordon Brown was and how he was clealry governing for the future and how bad it is that politics is dominated by the transient demands of today or tomorrow .

A rather fun time and the champagne was flowing . Im not sure the sugar content is entirely compatible with diabetes but lifes too short to worry about that.

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